October 20, 2018

Today we accomplished a lot. I must admit that earning  rewards helps every kid to put more effort into learning. We created a treasure box with small items as gifts  (we all named them in Czech language first). After collecting 9 cards, children could choose their favorite thing.  Everyone received  1 card for each correctly fulfilled task.

We started with national Anthem, date and days in the week.

2 students shared their exciting experience from last week.

We went over homework.

Repeating last week theme – translate from Czech into English                                                                                                                                                           …………………………………………..  – translate from English to Check

‘Pracovni sesit’, page 4

Bathroom brake

Book page 5

Song – writing second part

Book ‘O pejskovi a kocice’ – children were telling story with their own words.

‘Pracovni sesit’, page 5

With laughter from 1  episode of ‘Maxipes Fik’ we closed up our day.

Homework: Book Domino 2- reed the article ‘Ve skole’.  If you have any favorite Czech Christmas Carol that you would like to learn, bring your idea with you and we will decide which one we will learn next week.

Enjoy your week,                                                                                                                         Marta Ferjak



October 13

I must say how pleased I am with all student’s participation today. Everyone was active, paying attention and doing best in learning new things – yey, go class 🙂

We were working on pages 2 and 3 in the ‘pracovni sesit’.
Improving pronunciation of words in our song and we wrote the first part of text down.

Beautiful weather pulled us out where we ‘ate some more worms’ – everyone earns them by answering 3 questions correctly. A brief break in the playground was rewarding.

Next was reading in the book Domino 2, page 2 and 3.                                                               Then the kids earned some more gummy candies for correctly written new words.

By the end we had a little chat about our class. Children agreed to start bringing 1 small item at the time for our ‘treasure box’ that we will use as a rewarding gifts for others to enjoy. We also talked about appreciation for  what is offered to us trough our school, and that we have a choice how we cocreate and spend our time together.

We closed up our day with reading from a book ‘O pejskovi a kocicce’.

HOMEWORK                                                                                                                           ‘pracovni sesit’ , page 6                                                                                                                  (when you connect the number 1 with picture, it needs to be spelled JEDNO AUTO – to auto)

Enjoy your weekend and will see you next time.                                                                      Marta Ferjak





October 6, 2018

Hello everyone!

We had only a few students in the class today so we had room for even more fun.

We started with the National Anthem, today’s date, and months of the year. Children read  their home work and we were practicing those phrases. After that was reading and understanding page 2 in the book Domino.

Kids did great in pronunciation of the text Chlupaty kaktus. We enjoy singing that song!

It was a beautiful weather outside so we went out to eat some worms!!! Don’t worry, they were organic, ( gummy candies)  LOL.  As a reward for answering questions correctly in Czech everyone got rewarded with a candy. We enjoyed few minutes in the school playground.

It was hot in the classroom so children created a paper fan for themselves to cool down. While doing that we were listening  Moravian folklore songs .

Children had a chance to earn more candies for correctly written words on classroom board. Everyone wrote them on paper.

Maxipes Fik helped us to close up today’s teaching.


Children, please, read loud page 2 in the “Pracovni Sesit” and page 2 in the ‘book’ as well. Make sure you understand what you are reading  🙂

Have a lovely weekend,                                                                                                                                till next Saturday,                                                                                                                                   Marta Ferjak



September 22nd

Hello Sunshine parents!

We had a very good day today. The theme was ANIMALS.

We started with remembering all months in the year and understanding and writing today’s date.

Game “What animal do you like”.

Everyone got a different Check book to read, understand and write words or text. Everybody shared with others what they accomplished

To move around a bit we turned the class into a ZOO for a little while and played a game “Magician” where kids pretended to be different animals.

We learned new vocabulary  trough listening to my reading from a book “O pejskovi a kocicce”.

Short guided meditation.

How many words can you write down? I kept repeating about 20 names of animals and kids wrote down as many as they could.

Listening and translating lyrics to a song “Chlupaty kaktus”

As a reward for everyone’s effort to complete our today’s tasks we watched a short episode of “Maxipes Fik”.


Please, make sure that your children always have with them:

backpack, binder, pen and pencils, color pencils, note pad to write in and WATER to drink

Thank you.

It was very nice to meet most of you in person. Hope I will get a chance to talk with everyone soon. I am looking forward to what we can create with your children next week.

Marta Ferjak



9-15, our first day together

I will write in English, so that both parents can be involved in our communication.

It was nice to meet all you parents and to get to know your children better today. That will help me to structure our learning time together since we have kids with a wide variety of Czech language skills.

Today’s activities were focused on getting to know each other and remembering learning from last year.

We started with a game “Jak se jmenujes”. Than we talked about certain rules that we all need to follow  in order to accomplish our tasks together  fun way. While children were creating colorful name tags I was walking around asking about colors they work with.

Next was reading from “Abeceda povolani”. One child was reading and others were guessing occupation described in rhymes.

After that we remembered all about calendar – seasons, months, …

For physical activity I chose to do exercises I say. We learned new words like ‘drepy, kliky,’ …

Listening to a song “Chlupaty kaktus” and going trough the text, understanding some words.

For writing skills were students listening Czech words, subject classroom, and the task was to write as many as they could remember.

We listened to the song one more time and closed up our learning session.

Thank you all for participating, I am looking forward seeing  you next Saturday.

Marta Ferjak



Školní rok 2018 – 2019, první den

Milí rodiče,

Začal nám nový školní rok a s ním i naše česká škola. Budeme v nové budově Lake Forest Elementary, 5920 Sandy Springs Circle, Georgia 30328.                                                                Nová budu i já jako paní učitelka.  Už se na děti moc těším. Mám připravenou spoustu aktivit, soutěží a her. Budu dělat vše proto, aby děti byly motivované a češtinu se učily      s radosti.

15. září se vsichni sejdeme v 10 hodin na krátkou třídní schůzku. Po vyučování si děti vyzvedněte ve 12 hodin.


* Učebnice a pracovní sešit z loňského roku

* Pastelky, nůžky a lepidlo

* Šanon

* Složka s písmeny

* Voda na pití

Děkuji a těším se na shledanou v  sobotu,                                                                              Marta Ferjak



12. května 2018

Milí rodičové Sluníček,

V sobotu jsme dokončili desátou lekci v učebnici Domino 1 – stranky 74 a 75 – a tím celou knihu uzavřeli. Nacvičovali jsme písničku Malé kotě, kterou vám děti zazpívají u příležitosti ukončení školního roku. Procvičujte ji, prosím, s dětmi ještě doma, ale nechám je, aby si u sebe na vystoupení nechali text…jen tak pro jistotu 🙂

Vyrobili jsme maminkách přáníčka ke Dni matek, tak doufám, že se přáníčka líbila 🙂

V sobotu máme poslední hodinu, takže domácí úkol samozřejmě není. První hodinu strávíme ještě spolu s dětmi ve třídě. V 11 hodin se potom přesuneme do tělocvičny na vystoupení dětí a ukončení školního roku.

Nezapomeňte, že hned po škole máme, jako již tradičně, v parku piknik. Bude jídlo, hry a ceny pro děti a možná už bude otevřený i “splash park” tak můžete přibalit i plavky a ručník 🙂

Možná jste si všimli, že jsme poslední 2 vyučovaní hodiny měli ve třídě společnost. Já už bohužel z osobních důvodů nemůžu učit “na plný úvazek”, takže za mně po prázdninách třídu Sluníček přebere nová paní učitelka – Marta. Bude ve škole i tuto sobotu, tak se za ní zastavte, aby jste se seznámili! Já budu ale zastupovat, když bude potřeba, takže se s dětmi určitě neuvidíme naposledy 🙂

Přeji vám krásný zbytek týdne a budu se těšit v sobotu na viděnou!

MarcelaMay 12 2018