March 9

Hello everyone! After a little chatting about today’s weather, date and yesterday’s International Women’s Day we had a listening session. We were listening to children reading from the Book that we study from. We continued with understanding how to read time properly. We practiced it on Krtecek clock and then in the Book, p. 19 and 20. Next was pronouncing and singing our song Mam maly stan and dancing to it. To find out how kids do with cursive writing we took a peace of paper and fill it up with all letters that kids remembered to create a little colorful artistic sheet. Everyone got rewarded with a peace of Europian chocolate for accomplishing page 22 in Pracovni sesit and we also played on page 23. Then children took turns in reading from a book Kouzelna slovicka and we closed up our today’s learning with a short video Rakosnicek a hvezdy. In last 5 minutes of our class we talked about our Solar System and translated names of the planets into a Czech language.

HOMEWORK Pracovni sesit p 24, 3.3 and 9. Also, please, practice our song – some of the students already know the whole song and some know only very little. OPTIONAL: prepare a riddle REMEMBER: Spring brake are 2 Saturdays – March 30st and April 6th.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, an will see you next Saturday,

Marta Ferjak


March 2

Last Saturday we chatted first few minutes about past 2 weeks and last week school. Wrote down date and talk about upcoming new season. Book, p 19 was a little challenging. We will come back to this page this week. Next we were listening to our song Mam maly stan. Children were writing the words and illustrating. Sunny day gave us a chance to go outside and I took the opportunity to call everyone individually and go over what we have learned on everyone’s level. Children asked for a meditation again, so we practiced some new words via relaxing our body and mind. In Pracovni sesit, p. 20, I let children accomplish #1 by themselves. P 20, # 3.1 we did together. Last they took turns to read from a book Krtek a kouzelna slovicka.

HOMEWORK : Pracovni sesit p.22 (6 optional)

Will see you all on saturday,
Marta Ferjak


February 16

Hello dear parents, we have accomplished so much today! Starting with checking Homework and listening a song that the task was inspired by. Talked about today’s date and weather. Children were collecting Krtecek cards for every correct answer again, to be rewarded from our Treasure Box on the end of class. In Book we were remembering all we learn in the last several pages, and then accomplished page 18. Then was time for them to share what they prepared at home. We heard rhymes, stories, saw some cool Czech items. Jenik did a great job preparing a whole marionettes show for us. After a break we played ‘Freeze Dance’ with song Male kote and did a little competition who can do more squats, pushups, etc. We listen to our new song Mam maly stan, pronouncing and translating it’s 1st part. Please, listen to this song and learn words as much as you can. In Pracovni sesit, page 19, I let kids to figure out #8 on their own and then we corrected it together. Please practice this one.

Homework – above practice and read page 19 in the Book

May you all have lovely ‘springish’ days and I will see you all in 2 weeks, Marta Ferjak


February 9

We opened our class with talking about weather. After that we were learning from Pracovni sesit, pages 15 and 16. Valentine inspired us to make a card. I encouraged children to get creative and make it their own. They all turned out beautifully. While others were finishing the art project we sat down for a nice meditation. After a short outdoor brake we played in the Book on page 15, learned new words on page 16 and started page !7. On the very end children had a chance to experiment with Spejbl and Hurvinek marionettes and performed a short play. Throughout the day we were listening to Moravian folklore music.

HOMEWORK * finish page 17 in the Book * prepare a Czech song or riddle, rhyme, a joke or short story. You can even share an experience that you had in Czech Republic or bring something Czech that you want to talk about. Use as much Czech expression as possible.

I want to let everyone know that I will be out of town on Saturday, February 23rd. Pavlina Ladnak will be subbing for me that day.

Happy Valentine to everyone, Marta Ferjak


February 2nd, 2019

We had another fun Saturday, learning new material, playing games, doing competitions, reading Czech book Palecek, singing a song, listening to a new one, eating some more Czech food snacks – thank you everyone for sharing!!! We went out for a break and even had time to listen to one short video of Hurvinek.
In the Pracovni sesit we work on page 13 and in the book on pages 11, 12 and 13. It is wonderful to observe, how every kid is gaining more and more confidence in expressing themselves in Czech on their personal level. Also I appreciate how everyone contributes to our little collective their own personal way. I can see wonderful friendships being developed among them all.

*riddle from last time *know all words in Pracovni sesit, p 15 *in Book go over page 15

Wishing you all a wonderful week. Till next time,

Marta Ferjak


26. ledna

Hello parents! One of the kid said today: “Today was the best day of our school!” and I agree. We had a great day full of learning, play and fun.

National anthem, date, name all months, working with Pracovni sesit, p. 11 – 13. Kids were focused and remembered most that we learned . Yey! They asked for meditation, so we enjoyed that again. Next I introduced them a song Mam maly stan (small tent) . First in the original version and then in todays kid’s version.

We took advantage of the weather and took a break outside. After that we had a big surprise in a form or Czech food that Ms. Ludmila prepared and Kristynka shared with everyone. Everyone absolutely loved krupicova kase and we learned some new dining vocabulary.

In book we did pages 12 and 13. Again, I must say that all children came prepared, so it took us less time and we could learn more about Hurvinek. Everyone tried to manage actual puppet that I brought to appreciate fallowing video called – but of course – Maly stan and we heard the song 3rd time, this time very funny version in a short Hurvinek episode.

Homework: *prepare 1 riddle like those in Book p.12 *keep memorizing new words *bring some check food or snack or anything Cczech that you want to share – only if you want to –

Wishing you all a wonderful week and looking forward playing with your children again next week! Marta Ferjak


January 19

Hello everybody, This morning I called kids to sit on a rug with me. They thought we will meditate, so I agreed to it. That was a great take off for our discussion about our individuality, uniqueness, talents and using all that ti work together and help each other.

Children had a chance to earn some sweets for answering questions correctly. In the Book we worked on pages 10, 11 and 12.

Next was very exciting to go trough a Czech Cook Book with photos. We learned some new words and shared experiences with Czech dining.

After that everyone was working individually on page 13 in Pracovni sesit and we checked the answers.

Today we also finished our book about Czech Republic

For the last part I brought CD with songs for children, thinking that they might want to color and listen. They came with idea to dance so we all had a great fun moving around to some Czech rhythms.

HOMEWORK Pracovni sesit, page 14 – read and learn the vocabulary best you can. The children started to work on list for our little Czech food “snack table’. Only a few came today with an answer what they can bring. If you would, please, help them with what they could possibly bring on Saturday, February the 2nd.

Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy the week, Marta Ferjak