October 19, 2019

Educational games and activities were our way of learning today.
Going trough homework was our first activity. We also finished page 30.
Next we went over what we have learned in Prvouka so far and played a game – draw as many subjects as you can remember that were on table for 10 second.
We sat down in a circle to figure out a story composed from words and pictures. Everyone participated and we put together a beautiful story about little creatures in the nature.
Because it was raining today we played our games in the hallway and the children had a chance to stretch and laugh some more.
After a brake Krtechek was the one teaching us new vocabulary. Kids had to put magnets with gardening and kitchen activities in proper spot and pronounce words correctly.
I was talking about Velvet Revolution and answering children’s questions. We celebrate 30 year anniversary this year.
Some more Czech singers of Karel Got generation entertained us today.
Pracovni sesit, p. 37. Everyone got creative drawing and naming people and their occupation. We saw some interesting characters on our work desk!
There were 2 more children who did not earn their sweet treat yet, so they got a chance by answering 5 questions correctly.
We closed our day by singing Chlupaty Kaktus.

There is NO HOMEWORK today!!!
Please, put on your costume next Saturday and let’s have some extra fun!

Enjoy the rainy weather the best way you can,
Marta Ferjak


October 12, 2019

Happy Autumn Saturday!
Today we had a lovely day with a good fun learning.
Homework was our first activity. All those who worked on it at home rewarded themselves with Krtecek stamps.
Next was learning about traffic signs, their meanings and geometric shapes.
After that I read a story Tiger and flee and together we translated it’s meaning.
Outside we played few games and worked on friendship skills.
Back in classroom children had a chance to review what they learned last year in a game. For each correct answer they collected a card and for 10 cards everyone received an organic lollipop.
To close our class we were listening CD , starting with Karel Got about whom I was talking last time.

Domino Book, p 29

Wishing you a nice weekend,
Marta Ferjak


October 5, 2019

Today’s class started with introducing my friend from Czech Republic. Children had a chance to communicate with person who does not speak or understand English – ask questions, answer his questions, play games, explain things, etc. They were motivated to try a little harder to speak Czech that way.
National Anthem sounded really nice today.
Continuing on singing subject – I spoke a little of Karel Gott.
All children did their homework well and they answered all questions correctly.
Next activity required collective work so we could make a nice get well card for Mr. Novak. All children participated in what they are best at, and made a very nice card.
Outside we enjoyed the cooler weather and played several Czech games.
After brake many had a chance to share their favorite book that they brought to school. Some read to us from it.
For a moment we closed eyes to relax, refocus and connect.
Trough a game “pretend an occupation” kids applied new lesson words.
To close our day together we sang all the song we know.

DOMACI UKOL: Domino – Pracovni sesit, p 36

Wishing you a lovely week with a nice Autumn weather and I will see you next Saturday.

Marta Ferjak


September 28

What a fun day today! We started with the National Anthem, and because some were not sure about the words, we wrote them down,
In Domino we work on Homework page 35 and then with the fruit that children brought. They did a great job with drawing, coloring, describing their fruit in Czech and writing it down.
Outside we played a few games. Back in the classroom I read a story about an Indian Summer. We discussed meanings of different words and expressions.
In Prvouka book we were playing attention games – find differences between 2 pictures of classroom and then talked about traffic rules in Czech Republic. Children practiced what they learned in a Traffic Lites game.

Domino, book – read page 28
Bring your favorite Czech book

Wishing you all a great week and will see you next Saturday.

Marta Ferjak



Welcome Back!

Hello everyone, I am so excited to meet you all parents with your children this Saturday! I hope that you had a great Summer and are ready to learn some more about our Czech culture and language.

We will be meeting at the same school as last year, at the Lake Forest Elementary School, at 10 a. m. First we will meet and greet at the entrance hall. Then we will move to our classroom # 262 SLUNICKA. I will share with you plans for the next year and answer any questions that you might have. After this short meeting we will regroup and your kids will enjoy our first day of Czech School.
Class will be over at 12 o’clock.

School Supplies List: pencil, pen, coloring pencils (markers – optional), scissors, glue, notebook to write in, binders, water to drink

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday,

Marta Ferjak


May 18

Dear parents, our last day of school was a day of activities that children chose to do themselves. We enjoyed each other’s company in chatting, playing, and games before we split for the Summer.

I want to thank all of you for singing up your children to our school. As you know it was my first year and I must say that I had a great time teaching our class. I enjoyed being with your children very much. I believe that we had a lot of fun and we learned a lot on all levels.

Congratulation to all students for accomplishing another year and also a thanks for how they performed our song, regardless how little we prepared.

For those who are coming back I am very much looking forward to see you in September. Those who are saying good by to us I wish you a great success in your life, hoping that what you learned this year may help you in some way.

Thank you all for all your kind words, lovely flowers and gifts. It is wonderful to be a part of this community. I am wishing you a splendid Summer!

Marta Ferjak


May 11

We had a very playful day today. First we went over what we learned last week, and checked our homework. Then we were listening and figuring out rhyme in Pracovni sesit, p 33. and finished our learning from our books for this year with exercise #9. Motivated by Mother’s day I let children choose their materials and inspire them to get creative in making a card for their mom and not just follow my instructions. We all are unique and we need to express ourselves our own personal way. I think all the cards turned out just beautifully.
We took time outside, played Czech games and I had a chance to talk to everyone individually and practice what we learned today.
Back in class we played a game ‘Guess what’. Describing a thing in classroom others had to figure out what thing it is.
We sang our songs and talked about all the characters (like Krtecek, Hurvinek, …) we played with trough the year. Each kid chose 1 character and they performed a little show together.
Last was Maxipes Fik video.

HOMEWORK Learn song Mam maly stan best possible way. We will sing it after all (just got the news) to surprise the oldest graduates.

I enjoyed today as always, will see you all one more time before Summer brake!
Marta Ferjak