December 1st

Hello everyone, there was just few of us at school on this rainy day today. I took the opportunity and we played more games and did activities where I could do more  one on one teaching.

We started with a game where we  created word opposites and understood their meaning.

The kids started to sing our song by themselves. I am so glad that they enjoy that song so much and I can tell that they have been practicing! Today we created a paper cactus to go along with our show. 

Those who did page 11 in Pracovni sesit for Homework  were more successful and learned easier.  We will come back to practice #22.

Singing our song and practicing some choreography for the concert was not only fun but also funny, with only boys in the class today. 🙂

Next game was 1 gummy worm for 3 correct answers – name animal on the picture, transportation, …  The kids also learn new words from vocabulary of their own conversations that I translate and write for them. Today it was about elements and weather.

In Book page 10 we were connecting our body parts with activities expressed on pictures and performing  them (ear – listen, open book).                                This practice gave us an opportunity to talk about why we learn Czech and also not to compare ourselves to others but only to ourselves and focus  on our personal growth.

Bob a Bobek was a 7 min video to close up our day. 

HOMEWORK: Book, page 11

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend and will see you in 7 days!

Marta Ferjak


November 17, 2018

Hello parens!

We accomplished a good bit today. After reviewing what we learned so far we worked in Pracovni sesit, p 10. Children wrote down a few new words to memorize.

Today we spent more time on our song to be sure everyone got the words correctly and can enjoy its performing. I advise the kids to also practice at home: Jiri Korn – Chlupaty kaktus (1974) on Youtube.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather we took a break outside. That gave us a chance to practice new words that we just learned and also speak Czech as much as we can.

All agreed to play a game: one gummy worm for 3 correct answers. We accomplished page 10 in Book Domino.

Because we completed all in a good time, Maxipes Fik (8 minutes) helped us to close our session.

HOMEWORK is in Pracovni sesit, page 11.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday week and we will meet again on Saturday, December 1st.

Marta Ferjak


November 10, 2018

Hello everyone!                                                                                                                                 After a little chat about whatever the kids wanted to share we started with our Pracovni sesit right away. First we review Lesson 1 and then  we started new one. We worked on  page 4,  learning   meaning of new words, and how they are composed from other words (telo + cvicit  … telocvicna). Then we wrote them to understand proper spelling.

We took a brake outside today to enjoy the crisp Autumn weather, running around playing some games.

Next was book, page 8. This time we were reading article and translating it. We also talked about different rooms at school,  what we do there and how different they are from schools in the USA.

Calm down time belonged to a short guided meditation.

Children had a chance to discuss and vote which song we will sing at the Christmas concert. We made a decision and practiced Clupaty kaktus some more. Earlier in the day we were listening a Christmas carol Pujdem spolu do Betlema taking about its animation and understanding what it is about.

We played a short game with numbers.

In last few minutes we enjoyed video Mach a Sebestova which made everyone laugh.

Home work: read  page 9 in the book (do skoly, ze skoly) and make sure you know all the words of our song Chlupaty kaktus.

May you all enjoy this beautiful weather and we should meet in one week again.

Marta Ferjak




October 27

Hello everyone.                                                                                                                                     it was very nice to meet in costumes today and have a fun and to chat a little before we started learning.

In class each child introduced their character.

Today’s subject was first and last name and how they vary  according to the gender.        (-ova’). In the book we did pages 6 and 7.

To move around a little we played a game Kuba rekl. Children were doing different exercises.

Next was  talking about Christmas Carols and their Czech tradition. Children seem to understand our heritage very well. Then it was up to me to do a singing performance since my iPad  refused to work with me today. Next time we will make a decision what to sing at the Christmas concert. The children will choose between Pujdem spolu do Betlema and  Chlupaty kaktus. They also will have an option to learn a short poem Vanocni stromecek and perform that at the concert.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to calm children’s mind. I was very impressed with some.

In Pracovni sesit, page 7 children had to ask their friends to write down their answers and we played some more with last names.

At the end of the class I talked  to each child personally. For most it was how good job they did. Only for some to remind them why they come to this class.

As a little trick or treat everyone could choose europium Merci chocolate .

I had a great day with your kids today, will look forward next Saturday.

No homework today but, please, bring those ‘lonely’ socks if you did not yet. We will have a creative day next Saturday.

Thank you, Marta Ferjak


October 20, 2018

Today we accomplished a lot. I must admit that earning  rewards helps every kid to put more effort into learning. We created a treasure box with small items as gifts  (we all named them in Czech language first). After collecting 9 cards, children could choose their favorite thing.  Everyone received  1 card for each correctly fulfilled task.

We started with national Anthem, date and days in the week.

2 students shared their exciting experience from last week.

We went over homework.

Repeating last week theme – translate from Czech into English                                                                                                                                                           …………………………………………..  – translate from English to Check

‘Pracovni sesit’, page 4

Bathroom brake

Book page 5

Song – writing second part

Book ‘O pejskovi a kocice’ – children were telling story with their own words.

‘Pracovni sesit’, page 5

With laughter from 1  episode of ‘Maxipes Fik’ we closed up our day.

Homework: Book Domino 2- reed the article ‘Ve skole’.  If you have any favorite Czech Christmas Carol that you would like to learn, bring your idea with you and we will decide which one we will learn next week.

Enjoy your week,                                                                                                                         Marta Ferjak



October 13

I must say how pleased I am with all student’s participation today. Everyone was active, paying attention and doing best in learning new things – yey, go class 🙂

We were working on pages 2 and 3 in the ‘pracovni sesit’.
Improving pronunciation of words in our song and we wrote the first part of text down.

Beautiful weather pulled us out where we ‘ate some more worms’ – everyone earns them by answering 3 questions correctly. A brief break in the playground was rewarding.

Next was reading in the book Domino 2, page 2 and 3.                                                               Then the kids earned some more gummy candies for correctly written new words.

By the end we had a little chat about our class. Children agreed to start bringing 1 small item at the time for our ‘treasure box’ that we will use as a rewarding gifts for others to enjoy. We also talked about appreciation for  what is offered to us trough our school, and that we have a choice how we cocreate and spend our time together.

We closed up our day with reading from a book ‘O pejskovi a kocicce’.

HOMEWORK                                                                                                                           ‘pracovni sesit’ , page 6                                                                                                                  (when you connect the number 1 with picture, it needs to be spelled JEDNO AUTO – to auto)

Enjoy your weekend and will see you next time.                                                                      Marta Ferjak





October 6, 2018

Hello everyone!

We had only a few students in the class today so we had room for even more fun.

We started with the National Anthem, today’s date, and months of the year. Children read  their home work and we were practicing those phrases. After that was reading and understanding page 2 in the book Domino.

Kids did great in pronunciation of the text Chlupaty kaktus. We enjoy singing that song!

It was a beautiful weather outside so we went out to eat some worms!!! Don’t worry, they were organic, ( gummy candies)  LOL.  As a reward for answering questions correctly in Czech everyone got rewarded with a candy. We enjoyed few minutes in the school playground.

It was hot in the classroom so children created a paper fan for themselves to cool down. While doing that we were listening  Moravian folklore songs .

Children had a chance to earn more candies for correctly written words on classroom board. Everyone wrote them on paper.

Maxipes Fik helped us to close up today’s teaching.


Children, please, read loud page 2 in the “Pracovni Sesit” and page 2 in the ‘book’ as well. Make sure you understand what you are reading  🙂

Have a lovely weekend,                                                                                                                                till next Saturday,                                                                                                                                   Marta Ferjak