April 20

Everyone was present and we had a lot of fun today. It was good to start with our National Anthem and keep it fresh in our memory. We checked our homework and those students who accomplished it were rewarded. We finished the whole page in Pracovni sesit, p 29. The children started to sing Chlupaty kaktus, so we keep that song in our Czech singing repertoire as well. Next we talked about Czech Easter traditions. We watched a short video again, and this time the children were sharing what they remember from last teaching. I shared with children an Easter carol. We all wrote it down using a beautiful hand writing, translated it, explained word fraises, and read it several times. After brake we decorated a wooden oval presenting an egg.. Those who were finished watched Part and Matt on Easter. Today we closed up with listening CD and reading along in our book, p 24. After school was our traditional Easter egg hunt. Thank you all for participating!

Read and answer Book, p 24 Read Easter carol Memorise Easter carol (optional)

I am wishing everyone wonderful HAPPY EASTER!!!
We will be back next Saturday.
Marta Ferjak

P.S. May 18 is our last day of Czech School for this year.


Zhrnutie vyucovania 04/13/19

Mili rodicia

Na nasej sobotnajsej hodine sme si precvicovali citanie a prepisovanie viet s porozumenim a nasledne sme
podla obrazkov zhodnocovali ci su vety pravdive alebo nie, dalej sme si precvicili dlhe pismenko O a podla sluchu dopisovali dlhe alebo kratke pismenko O do slov, hladali sme rozdieli na obrazkoch , a ku koncu hodiny sme si vytvorili priserky z papierovych tanierov. Prijemna sobota za nami a poprosim nezabudat si nosit farebne pastelky, ceruzky alebo fixky! Dakujem


13. dubna

Hello dear parent, it vas very nice to see you all after our Spring Brake. The children shared their school free experiences with everybody in the beginning of our day. Working in the book, we started with listening CD and answering questions on page 21. On page 22 they had conversations 2 children at the time. We took a little break singing song Clupaty kaktus and then finished by reading and translating page 23. We spent our break on the fresh air on playground and did a few body stretches. After that we enjoyed a video about Czech Easter traditions and talked about all the beautiful folk art and traditions people in Czech Republic still keep alive. Then it was time to get creative. Today children chose their materials, size, colors to create their own paper egg.

HOMEWORK : Pracovni sesit, p 28, # 3 and 4 Next time, please, bring markers or crayons or paint to decorate a wooden egg.

Thank you, enjoy the Spring, Marta Ferjak


March 23

Hello everyone, As a warm up we started with the usual – little chat, talking about the weather, days and the season of Spring. Then we checked our tricky homework and figured out the last word. Next activity was writing answers to my questions. I was asking students about different things that we learned so far. Then we listened and watch another version of our song that was very old and funny. We could not say no to an outdoor break. Then we continued with short relaxing meditation and then I was reading to the kids a book Kouzelna slovicka. I brought for children to see Czech Prvouka, since we have been talking about different subjects. We were going trough the book, talking about what they see and know. They also had a chance to express they knowledge in fluent Czech talk. A short video at the end became our tradition. We watched Rakosnicek today.

DOMACI UKOL: go over everything that we studied this year so far. You will need that in our next activity.


ENJOY, Marta Ferjak


03/16/2019 Zhrnutie hodiny

Sobotnajsiu hodinu sme zacali vyslovnostou slov a pisanim pismen, ktore sme na zaciatku slov poculi, dalej sme hladali dvojicu slov ktore sa rymovali, citali sme plagat ktory nas pozyval na Jarmok a odpovedali sme na otazky kam nas plagat pozyva, kedy sa zatvara… riesili sme taktiez osemsmerovku so zvieratkami, precvicili sme si pismenko Č, zahrali si macku vo vreci, zaspievali a zatancovali hlava ramena kolena palce a ked si stastny tlieskaj rukami. Bol to krasny den!


March 16

Hello everyone, today we started with Czech national Anthem , talking about today’s weather, date, and about coming up new season of Spring. We checked Homework and started earn cards for every task done correctly. In Pracovni sesit we worked on page 24. We listen to our song again, then we sang, worked on correct pronunciation, and then danced along. Last we wrote 3rd part of the song in Czech cursive. After a short outdoor break full of running, laughter and screaming freely we came back to Pracovni sesit, page 25. I let the children to figure out 3.5 on their own and then we corrected it together. We played a game where kids were individually demonstrating Check expressions or giving examples or answering question. After that hildren were taking turns in reading from a book Kouzelna slovicka. Then everyone chose an item from our Treasure Box for cards that they collected during the day. Today class we closed up with a video Bob a Bobek v New Yorku.

DOMACI UKOL Pracovni sesit, p 27 Preji vam vsem hezky tyden,

Marta Ferjak


Registration for 2018-2019 school year

We are happy to announce that you can now register for the 2018-2019 school year here. We will be opening the following Czech classes:

  1. ŽABIČKY (2-4 years) – story time, music and movement, arts and crafts  
  2. BROUČCI   (6-7 years) – writing, music, vocabulary
  3. SLUNÍČKA (7-10 years) – reading, writing, drama, music, art
  4. KOUZELNÍCI (11-15 years)- reading, writing, counting, music and art, geography and history relayed through storytelling

And the following Slovak classes:

  1. VČIELKY (3-6 years) – story time, drama, music and movement, art
  2. SOVY (7-14 years) – interactive games, history, geography, writing/reading

Placement is entirely at the discretion of teachers and the School Director.  The School Director will make a final decision in the event of a disagreement concerning appropriate placement.

Tuition for school year 2018 – 2019:

New students:    $490.00/school year per child + $450.00/school year per additional sibling(s) in the same family – $200 deposit required by June 30th, remainder by August 15.

Returning students:    $470.00/school year per child + $420.00/school year per additional sibling(s) in the same family only – $200 deposit required by June 30th, remainder by August 15.

Early bird special!  Register and pay $250/child deposit by April 30th and your annual tuition will be $430/school year and $400/additional child.

How to pay?

  • make checks payable to Czech School of Atlanta AND either
  • mail to Michaela Santa Barbara, 1100 North Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306 OR
  • bring your check to school prior to last class and hand to the director


  • send through the Zelle service your bank should have to the  mobile number 3474009945 or to
  • transfer to Bank of America, account name The Czech school of Atlanta, Inc.; account # 334046913208, routing # 061000052
  • send to “friends & family” on Paypal (will avoid the fee) to